Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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The glory days of the old domination of media is over, and the era of cyberspace has taken over. The proliferation of information technology has led to the recent bloodless revolution in humanity in the field of knowledge and the dissemination of information, the Internet.

The Internet is a network that provides a quick and effortless access to the largest global database of information available, the World Wide Web. When harnessed correctly, the Internet has the potential to become one of the most valuable and stimulating educational tools available to the masses, and its merits are recognized as one of less. Therefore, I disagree with the statement that Internet is overrated or its merits, chief of which are unsurpassed efficiency of their research capabilities and news, are held without reason.

Information of virtually everything that exists can be found and retrieved on the Internet with the touch of a button , providing for knowledge to be literally in our hands. There is a lot of valuable information available online research that most Internet users have free access to , allowing the network to act as a source of cheap and easy to use for the masses. 

While the library once opened the door to knowledge and information, their need has been eliminated almost entirely by the advent of high speed Internet transmission of information , paving the way for academic institutions such as universities governmental and organizations established as Time magazine and the Gates Foundation to create web portals and to store and share information online agencies. 

High horsepower engines like Google search now have the ability to search millions of pages of text on these websites in a split second , accelerating students often grueling process of research and researchers greatly edure . The recent introduction of online printing and other visual media libraries is indeed a testament to the attractiveness and appeal of Internet use, and further reducing the need to physically visit traditional libraries , while no need to worry about the availability of critical books or opening times , especially when racing to finish the research.

Net web conference or video conference is a way in which the Internet can be used for two or more paths dialogues between academics and students residing on the other side of the world for the exchange of information through question and answer sessions , regardless of effectively restricting the physical location that otherwise inpede education. 

Thus, the Internet provides knowledge indirectly acting as a portal where intellectual minds can convene and discuss issues related to their respective fields. This transfer of information has undergone technological advances to the extent that virtual schools have been created in the web that offers students of degree courses online, and a growing number of well-established universities are jumping on the bandwagon , replacing distance learning by mail of the internet education.

 The University of London is an excellent example of a university that offers the ability to conduct online Bachelor and Masters courses to international students from the comfort of their own homes.

Such problems, however, do not outweigh the benefits of the Internet as an educational tool online. The Internet, being the medium of the future, is constantly evolving, and the innumerable benefits that will ensure that the Internet is given due recognition for their courage and is here to stay. 

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